SUV Trucks: SUVs built to Last

SUV is an acronym for sport utility vehicle. This is a vehicle that is versatile. Often bought for larger families these vehicles are now purchased by all who prefer more room when they are traveling. They are being used by more as business vehicles for those in all aspects of business. They are being used by construction workers so that they can store their equipment and keep it dry in the wet weather.

Ford Excursion

The Ford Excursion is a large SUV that runs on with a diesel engine. They seat eight to nine passengers comfortably. They also have room for storage along with the passengers. They come with captains chairs all around for each passenger.

They leave enough room to move around and be comfortable in your seat. The seats that are in the back can be removed for extra storage. It comes in four wheel drive or without four wheel drive whichever you prefer. It is made tough so that you can haul your boat or your camper along behind you. You can also just haul the whole soccer team with you.

The Chevrolet Suburban is a large SUV that runs with a regular gas engine. They can also be purchased with the new flex fuel option that is more eco-friendly for those that are conscious about the environment. It comes equipped with an entertainment package that allows your family to keep busy while traveling.

It can be purchased with or without four wheel drive, and can also include a tow package to bring along your boat or camper. It has a sleek look allows for you haul your family in style without the feeling of a mini van. You can still show your youth through this great vehicle.

The Cadillac Escalade is the most elegant of the Large SUV’s. They allow maximum comfort and all of the luxuries while traveling. They offer wireless headphones to go with the DVD player that is mounted on the roof of the vehicle, although it can be purchased with the televisions in the back of the headrests to allow for a more personal viewing.

This gets the person closer to the screen for better view. The seats are plush and contain warmers to keep the leather from being cold when you get into the seat. It also comes standard with driver and passenger heat and air controls.

This allows for each passenger to keep the temperature at a comfortable level for them. The radio control are also contained on the steering wheel for ease of use for the driver, which also allows for safety.

Any of these vehicles would be a great choice if you have a large family that will not fit into a smaller SUV. They also provide a comfort level for those who have a small family and that just want a little more room to move around while traveling.

With the towing capacity of a regular truck, these will also pull the family boat or camper along behind and eliminate the need for two vehicles to be driven.

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