Best Hybrid SUV

It is not easy to decide when talking about something like the best hybrid SUV for the simple reason that it all depends on what your needs and tastes are. Hybrid cars as we all know are the rage in the automobile industry these days. In its early stages there were only a few companies making them and there were only a few models available.

But the scenario has changed a lot today as more and more players entered the market with different models. In its early stages hybrids were only available as small cars, usually 2 door hatch back type of cars. These cars proved themselves as the leaders in mileage and as a result this technology has spilled over into the SUV market.

For the uninitiated a hybrid car uses both electric power and an internal combustion engine to get the wheels turning. The engine is capable of both turning the wheels and recharging the battery. In addition to all this whenever the brakes are applied, the energy that is created from it is also used to power an alternator which will help recharge the battery. This means that the battery is getting help form the engine and the brakes. The biggest claim to fame of this technology is that it has increased mileage tremendously.

For those of you who prefer to drive an SUV as opposed to a sedan, hybrid SUV’s are now available in several different models. It is difficult to say which one exactly is the best hybrid SUV, but some of the top selling ones are mentioned here.

GMC Yukon Hybrid. This SUV has the best mileage in its class. It has the same options offered by the Chevy Tahoe but it will be a little costlier to purchase. It is also available as a four wheel drive car.

The Saturn VUE. If gas mileage is your thing then this is the SUV to get. It has the best mileage of any hybrid SUV. On the high way it will use 60 percent less gasoline compared to any other non-hybrid car in its class. This works out to be about 35 miles per gallon on the highway, which is far better than any hybrid SUV.

Lexus RX 400. IF you would like to have an SUV that can boast of being green as well as luxurious then this is the car to get. One of its salient features is that it has a rear mounted electric engine which gives it better stability in bad driving conditions. This car has some of the best safety features in its price range such as side curtain airbags and knee air bags.

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