Large SUVs: Best SUVs for a Family

Large Sport Utility Vehicles, better known as a Large SUV, are growing more popular as families are tending to become a bit larger. These SUV’s are larger and seat more people than a regular sedan.

Depending on the type of SUV that you purchase you may have a rolling entertainment center. These vehicles seat between seven and eight passengers. They are great if you are the local soccer mom and transport the team back and forth from practice.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade seats a whopping eight passengers and still allows room for moving. These vehicles are loaded up with built in DVD players and each individual headset jacks in the rear of the truck.

This allows each passenger to listen and watch the player at their own personal sound setting. It will also allow the person listening to choose between the radio and the television. With this vehicle being one of the larger SUV’s it is going to allow for comfort of each passenger.

They will not be cramped together while the manufacturer tries to seat the eight. They will have leg room to move and arm room to stretch and be comfortable. With this free space there is also room to stow away your gear in the back of it when traveling. You will not be cramped in the front trying to stuff all of your belongings into the space between the seats in order to carry it all.

The Ford Excursion is a whale of a SUV. It comfortably seats eight to nine people. This is going to depend on whether or not you have the bench seat in the front seat of the vehicle. This monster is going to run on diesel fuel so that it gets better gas mileage for you.

It too has more head room than your average vehicle. The seats are big and roomy. They allow for maximum comfort while listening to the radio or the DVD player that is mounted on the ceiling of the car. This vehicle has a ton of storage in the bag so that you can haul the groceries in to feed the family that you have been hauling from practice to practice.

The Chevrolet Suburban also has the capability to carry between eight and nine passengers. As with the previous vehicles, this SUV has plenty of leg room to move around. You can sit cross-legged in your seat and not have to fear touching your sister or brother with your leg.

When equipped with a DVD player you can put on your wireless headphones and block out all of the noise that the rest of the family is making. With all of the extra room that you have you can take along your homework or the craft you have been working on and compete it on the way to your destination. With all of the storage in the back you will not have to fear trying to fit your legs in around your duffel bag.

So if you are searching for that larger SUV take into consideration a couple of these fine machines. They are sure to get you where you need to go in comfort and style.

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