SUV Rankings: Top Ranked Sport Utility Vehicles

SUV, Sports utility vehicle, is actually a kind of station wagon that is built on a light truck chassis. Depending on perspective, it is often termed as four wheel drive, 4 x 4 or off-road vehicle. It is a popular mode of transportation in countries such as USA, Canada and Australia.

According to car classifications by EPA in USA and Canada as well as Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries in Australia, SUV’s can roughly be classified in four categories. These include Mini, Compact, Mid Size and Full Size SUV.

Daihatsu Terios

Examples of Mini SUV are Daihatsu Terios and Suzuki Jimny. Similarly, compact SUV may consist of models like BMW X-3, Honda CR-V and Ford Escape.

Their larger cousins including BMW X5, Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee are classified as Mid Size SUV whereas full size SUV constitutes popular brands as Land Cruiser, Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover and Cadillac Suburban.

The distinguishing characteristics of Sport utility vehicle which has made it famous are true off road capability. It would not be an oversimplification to suggest that SUV is an extended version of vastly popular Jeep but with an additional twist of Comfort.

The ability of SUV to travel in harsh conditions while safeguarding its passengers has made it a living legend among its admirers. Consider the fame of Mitsubishi Pajero in Paris – Dakar rally, images of Land Rover in contemporary National Geographic Magazines and the aurora of Range Rover are contemporary British films such as Da Vinci Code.

The New Trend
Since the introduction of luxury SUV and increased global competition among the Detroit Big Three car makers and their international rivals, manufacturers are keen to produce more fuel efficient, utility and high power vehicles.

This competitiveness has ignited the need to buy the most efficient of these machines. Numerous websites and magazines publish regular articles and reviews on the best performing SUV in the market.

Historically, building big was the trademark of American automakers while their Japanese counterparts were concerned about small fuel efficient SUV. The trend has changed.

Consider the popularity of the newly introduced full sized SUV, Kia Borrego, from Korea that has tons of features, V-8 engine, and good fuel economy. Never before a Korean automaker would think about competing with traditional giants least overpowering them in their own game.

Likewise, Chevrolet has turned away from giants to concentrate on mid size markets. Another refreshing example is 288 hp Traverse which has won rave reviews from almost every circle. Correspondingly, Ford has revitalized the industry by making its popular Ford Escape one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

It is rated to deliver 34 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on highways. Mazda CX-7 and Honda CR-V are continuously challenging their rivals by aspiring to be the most reliable breed of SUV in the last few years.

Land Rover has just released the LR4 version that is destined to compete with the likes of Hummer. Other interesting models include the futuristic Ford Flex Eco Boost starting at only $28,000. The continuous improvement and new design features in SUV market dictates that manufacturers are eager to shed the stigma related to them and introduce new concept allied with market demands.

As a result, consumers should also look toward professional publications to review and rank SUV thus making it easier for them to select from an increasing variety.

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