Best 2009 SUV Models

One of the largest purchases we make in our lives is on the car or truck we depend on everyday. When we make this decision it is very important to base our decision on the cars’ dependability, it’s style, affordability, and comfort. We are spending more time in our vehicles so it is very important that the car fits most if not all of our needs. Companies have exceled in the car making business especially with the line of 2009 SUV Models.

Suvs have come a long way from the beginning to the 2009 SUV. Not only do the suvs come with total comfort but they are getting much better gas mileage. Poor gas mileage was a major reason many people steered clear of the suv. The newer line of 2009 SUVs has answered alot of the publics’ fears of buying a larger vehicle.

The lines in the suvs are much more arrow dynamic, the engines are larger but much more efficient, and they come with four wheel or all wheel drive which is much more appealing to many living in rougher terrain areas without losing the comfort of a more luxurious ride. The 2009 SUV has brought us the following three best vehicles.

The third top ranked selling SUV was the Toyota Rav 4, this vehicle has come a long way in it’s style and comfort. The suv gets good gas mileage and is much more comfortable than the line of Rav 4’s that came years before.

The second top ranked SUV is the Ford Escape. This vehicle has overgone some major improvements over the years and can handle much rougher terrain while not tossing you all over on the inside. This vehicle offers pretty good space on the inside for families.

The number one ranked SUV was the Honda CRV. The 2009 version of this vehicle is much more sleek in design, quite roomy on the inside even for those 6′ tall or over. This vehicle has a very smooth running engine and the road noise is quite minimal for an suv.

The Toyota Rav 4, Ford Escape, and the Honda CRV are the top three selling 2009 suvs. All three of these vehicles are great choices for someone in the field looking to buy a vehicle that is tough enough for the brutal winters, economical enough for the average paid person, but dependable enough to put your entire family into.

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