Best 2007 SUV

Rising gas prices in 2006 and 2007 saw a decline in sales for the traditional SUV like the Ford Explorer. Poor gas mileage began to weigh out the other great features that come with an SUV. That sparked the trend of the crossover SUV which boasts SUV features with car-like gas mileage.

One of the best crossover SUV from 2007 is the Acura RDX. Valued around $25,000 this vehicle is stylish and breaks out of the standard bland mold that some other makers have fallen into. Consumers love the 20 mpg along with the great suspension and handling.

They also note that the vehicle is fast from the start unlike other 2007 SUV models that require a lead foot to get it going. Extra leg room for rear passengers along with plush comfortable leather seating make it rated the most comfortable passenger SUV by consumers. Extra safety features include tilting rear view mirrors when in reverse to improve visibility.

For those who are looking for a full sized 2007 SUV , the Chevrolet Suburban continues to deliver. With seating capabilities of up to nine passengers as well as cargo room, this huge vehicle remains comfortable and buyers say has a smooth ride.

The exterior of the Suburban and it’s sister vehicle Yukon received a makeover for the 2007 model year resulting in a sleeker design. Another plus is the winter weather durability and capability to go off-road.

Quiet highway driving with enough pep from the engine make it a favorite to drive. Extra cargo room is perfect for luggage and sports equipment making the Suburban a favorite among families who have children involved in sports. The strong truck frame provides great stability.

Chevrolet delivered yet again with the 2007 SUV Tahoe. It was also redesigned for 2007 both outside and in and was made with higher quality interior materials. 2007 also introduced a choice of two V-8 engines and available cylinder deactivation. The standard stability system is notable giving passengers a smooth ride over even bumpy terrain.

Seating for up to nine passengers reminds consumers just what exactly SUV’s were created for. Improved fuel economy for the 2007 model is another plus for consumers.

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