Year 2000 SUV Review

The Year 2000 produced a number of great SUV’s.  In this brief article, we are going to discuss 3 of the top 2000 SUV Models.

SUV’s have certainly come a long way and are very popular vehicles to have. They are very beneficial and have many uses. The most common use for an suv is its handling. For those individuals who do a lot of off road driving an SUV can handle the terrain better than a car could.

The four wheel drive is also great for all types of weather conditions and provides better navigation through heavy rain, snow and sleet. The height of the vehicle offers higher seating and gives better overall vision to the driver. The top three 2000 SUVs are the 2000 Lincoln Navigator, 2000 Cadillac Escalade, and 2000 Chevrolet Suburban.

The Lincoln Navigator was one of the top 2000 SUV models. The EPA fuel economy for the vehicle in the city was 12 and on the highway was 17. The engine was a V-8 with 300 horse power and is a four speed automatic.

This version in the Lincoln Navigator series has a fancier interior and was said to be a step above the Ford Expedition with its quality interior fabric and satellite navigation system. This SUV also had climate controlled front seats making the drive even more comfortable.

The Cadillac Escalade was another top 2000 SUV model. The EPA fuel economy was 12 in the city and 16 on the highway. The engine was a V8 and has 255 horse power with a 4 speed automatic transmission.

This is the second year that Cadillac made an suv and it did not disappoint. The Cadillac’s styling was said to be above that of a Yukon and has more luxury features. It offers the options of heated seats in the front and individual air conditioning for the front and rear seats.

The Chevrolet Suburban was another great suv in the year 2000. The EPA fuel was 14 in the city and 18 on the highway. It came with a V8 engine and has 285 horse power. The transmission is a four speed automatic and takes regular gas. It has a rating of 4 stars for comfort, 4.7 for performance, 4.3 for exterior styling, 4.8 for interior styling and 4.3 for the value of money.

The 2000 model of the suburban was resigned from the previous year’s model so it would fit in the average American’s garage. With the remodeling of the SUV’s size the Chevrolet no longer has the “largest suv” but it still rates very high on a spacious interior.

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