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A SUV is a sport utility vehicle that is a little bit more than a car but acts like a van. Kia has designed some of the top of the line SUV’s in 2010 and for the upcoming year of 2011. The Kia Borrego, Sedona, Sorento and the Sportage are the top of the line SUV’s that provide safety, mileage preservation, and comfort.

Safety and Specification Features

All of the KIA SUV models mentioned above have the LATCH –Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children placed on the back of the 2nd row of seats to ensure that a child whether in a car seat or not is safely protected in the SUV. Most of these vehicles also provide the 3-Point seat belt points that are located near the shoulder and on both sides of the seat.

They all have the dual front air bags, side and rear air bag systems. These Kia SUV’s range from about $17,000 to $26,000 depending on what features are added.

Kia Borego SUV

The Borrego in addition offers the ESC- Electronic Stability Control which is located on each wheel ,it assist with breaking in unique situations, it also reduces engine power.

The Borrego also has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that gives a warning light when air pressure is low in the tires. The Borrego also has a rear camera display with auto dimming features. All of the SUV’s mentioned get at least 16mpg on the city and about 21mpg on the highway.


The 2010 Borrego has won the 5 star crash Safety Rating in all 4 categories. It was also named best Mid-sized SUV class in Car book. The 2010 Sedona was voted a 5 Star Crash Safety Rating by Car Book and it was named the Best Buy in Consumer Digest for 2009 SUV’s.

History and Events

The branch of KIA Motors that produces vehicles has been around for about 14 years and the mission of KIA has always been to build the highest value and quality cars that are safe and dynamic. They have managed to do that year after year. KIA has always enjoyed featuring their vehicles in Auto Shows around the United Sates, from the famous Washington, DC Auto Show to Indianapolis and Sandiego.

Future of KIA

The 2011 Sorento is the future of the KIA. KIA also has more in store for the Luxury Sedan the KND-5 is the future of KIA, it will have LED headlamps, panoramic sunroof and alloy wheels. This car was shown at the KIA auto show in 2009. There is much more to come from KIA and the SUV will only get bigger and better in2011 and 2012.

KIA has shown that it delivers the highest safety vehicles that display toughness and comfort in one package. The standard features on a KIA SUV consist of a standard V-6 engine, 6,000 horse powered engine, airbags, 3 point seat belt features, and latch systems for children.

All of these features are what make KIA above and beyond its competitors. The functionality, style and comfort all go hand in hand with the KIA SUV.

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