Nissan SUV: New Nissan Murano Review

The Nissan SUV Murano is a SUV that is mid-sized and the first one was manufactured in 2002 but sold as a 2003 model. This was introduced as the first crossover for Nissan in the USA as we ll as Canada.

The first design of the Nissan SUV Murano was originally based around the platform that was used on the Altima. In 2004 the European version Murano became available and comes in only one version. This was considered Nissan’s only crossover until 2007.

That is when the Nissan Rogue was introduced. The Murano is a decent size and is between the Pathfinder and Xterra. The price is a little higher than that of the Pathfinder. In 2003 the Murano was awarded the Truck of the Year in North America. It’s been named the best premium SUV of its class by AutoPacific. It is named the 4th most affordable midsized vehicle in its class. The Nissan Murano offers its buyers many upgrades.

The Nissan Murano comes in two generations. The first one was powered from a 3.5 litre V6 engine that is also used in other models from Nissan such as the Altima, Nissan 350Z, and Mazima. THe Murano comes with front-wheel drive and all wheel drive that is optional.

The Murano is the biggest SUV that utilizes CVT. It gets 18 mpg in city driving, and on the highway it averages 23 mpg. Comes with airbags, head restraints and a steel cabin as safety features. The Nissan Murano also received a 5 star crash test rating in all the categories.

The 2006 version was updated by getting LED tailamps, standard information screen, LED turn signals and a back up camera. Also included is a GPS and front end that has been redesigned with trim updates as well. The 2008 model was skipped. Nissan introduced the Murano’s next generation as a 2009. Sales for it actually began in early 2008 as this version was introduced at the Auto Show that was held in Los Angeles in 2007.

This version is offered in three trims. They are a standard trim, mid grade, and a top of the line trim. Some options that are only available on the LE grade are fold up seats, iPod integration, hard drive based and a few more upgrades. Nissan seems to keep this SUV upgraded and this car is reasonably priced. A great family car as well and has high safety ratings.

All four trims include safety features such as brake assist, electronic stability control, side curtain airbags, 4 wheel disc brakes, and a few more features. The second generation was awarded a 4 start rating in frontal crash and 5 stars for side impact crash by the NHTSA. These ratings were worse than the first.

In 2008 Nissan introduced the Murabo in Japan. The Murano is priced between 3,150,000 and 4,042,500 yen which is far more pricey than the first generetion is. This vehicle is hoping to sell in over 170 countries worldwide. In Japan the vehicle is targeted at men who are in their early 20s to mid 40s.

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