The Best SUV 2006 Has To Offer For Every Sized Family!

Finding the best SUV 2006 has to offer is to assume that all people want the same things in a vehicle, it can’t be done. We can however look at the top three offerings based upon overall impressions of a vehicle. In the compact SUC class Ford Escape Hybrid is the lowest priced SUV hybrid. In the mid size crossover SUV, 2006 Honda Pilot is setting new standards. Finally in the large category, 2006 Nissan Armada has the power to haul people and trailers easily. These are three of the models that really caught the attention of shoppers and reviewers in 2006.

With gas prices steadily climbing every year, many SUV drivers wanted something more fuel efficient. The Ford Escape Hybrid fits that bill achieving 29 to 31 MPG on the highway. Moreover, while the traditional Escapes feels boxy and truck like to drive, the Hybrid has a more pleasant car-like behavior. With a base price of $27,500 the Escape Hybrid comes in at $3,500 less than its Hybrid SUV competitor, Toyota Highlander Hybrid. If fuel economy and car-like appeal are on your shopping list, the Escape Hybrid could be the best SUV 2006 has to offer for your needs.

In the newer mid-size crossover SUV category, the 2006 Honda Pilot offers a big V6 engine for shoppers that want a little more zip in compact SUV’s performance. An added plus for larger families is the eight seat capacity. Air bags are supplied all the way back to the third row and a rollover sensor is including for added safety. The built in navigation system is a big plus for families that are on the go to find their way easily. Honda is known for building a quality vehicle without major recalls, and a base price of $24,294, making the Honda Pilot a good choice for larger families on a budget.

The 2006 Nissan Armada is where the “big boys” play. Boasting a powerful 305 horsepower engine, this is a full size SUV that came to work as well as play. The Armada is as happy towing a boat as it is toting the kids around to their activities. There is plenty of room to carry passengers and cargo as this model supply’s 100 cubic feet of storage space with second and third row seats folding flat. A base Armada comes in at $31,548 make this one of the best SUVs 2006 has to offer for people that want lots of room, power and hauling ability for a reasonable price.

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