List of the Top 7 – 2008 Hybrid SUV

When in the market for an SUV, a hybrid is sometimes the best option. For car users coming to the SUV market, fuel economy ratings often scare potential users away. This is because SUVs typically get much lower MPG ratings than a standard car. However, this is not the case with a 2008 hybrid SUV. 2008 Hybrid SUVs enjoy similar gas mileage to regular cars but with the added cargo space found in SUVs.

In 2008 only a handful of hybrid SUVs were produced. Hybrid vehicles are a fairly new technology and not all automakers have adopted hybrid options into all of the makes of their vehicles. Listed below are the hybrid SUVs produced in 2008 with some brief information about each one.

2008 Hybrid SUV – List of the Top 7 Models

1. Ford Escape Hybrid

This model was Ford’s answer to a low cost hybrid SUV. By far one of the cheapest hybrids on the market, ford’s escape shows cheap craftsmanship and overall an non-luxurious SUV. This is great for a bare bones hybrid SUV but, no frills here.

2. Mazda Tribute Hybrid

Also on the lower cost end of hybrid SUVs is Mazda’s tribute hybrid. The tribute looks very similar to the escape hybrid with a little bit of Mazda styling to set it off. This is Mazda’s first hybrid SUV so it hasn’t come back as being the best quality or most reliable vehicle.

3. Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Since Mercury is owned by Ford, the Mariner also resembles the Escape hybrid. However, Mercury models tend to be built with a little more material and are more reliable and of a higher quality. This is also a small SUV

4. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota’s answer to the gap in hybrid SUVs in the Highlander. In 2008 this is really the only option for a mid-cost mid-size SUV. Toyota is a leader in the hybrid market and the Highlander is a great choice for someone in the market for a mid-size hybrid SUV.

5. Lexus RX 400h

The only true answer to a luxury hybrid SUV is the RX 400h. Lexus is owned by Toyota and once again has led the way in offering a luxury hybrid SUV.

6. Saturn Vue Hybrid

The Vue hybrid is barely classified as a hybrid. While hybrid technology is used in manufacturing this, it doesn’t get great gas mileage compared with standard Vue models.

7. Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon Hybrid

This is the only answer to a full-size hybrid SUV. While gas mileage ratings aren’t that great, they are much better than the standard models of the Tahoe or Yukon.

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