SUVs with Good Miles Per Gallon

When it comes to Sport Utility Vehicles, the first things that come to mind are words like “durability”, “ruggedness”, “traction”, and “off-road capability”. But in recent years, with more people driving them than ever before, the SUV is no longer strictly for the outdoors-man looking to get far, far away from it all. Instead, it has become the norm, even a badge of prestige, to own a SUV.

But as SUV ownership has become mainstream, so have some of its various aspects. Rides have been smoothed out, road handling has improved, and mileage has become a concern not only to those who hold the Earth in high regard, but to those who just don’t want to spend a small fortune in fuel. This last initiative has opened up the SUV market to more manufacturers, models, and options.

Mileage in an SUV can run in the low 10s combined mpg (or even lower for some extreme models) to the mid-to high 20s for some of the more fuel-efficient smaller models and a few of the hybrids available. It all comes down to a few simple factors.

How big and high-performance do you want your SUV? The more horsepower, the larger the engine displacement, and add-on performance accessories can all affect your mileage. Smaller motors, diesel engines and hybrids can offset some of this.

Weight and comfort accessories: Many new SUVs are designed more for road handling than off-roading. They come with any number of comforts like air conditioning, traction control, anti-lock brake systems, power windows/door/locks. Everything you add to a SUV also adds weight. The more weight, the greater the effect on mileage. And some accessories, like air conditioning, not only add weight, but drain power from the motor requiring the use of more fuel.

Driving conditions: Let’s face it, bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic kills your mileage, where as cruising down the highway at 65 gives you your maximum MPG. This is true of cars, trucks and SUVs. If you spend a large percentage of your time bogged down in traffic, you just won’t get the mileage the EPA estimates.

SUVs are notorious gas-guzzlers, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. If you are simply wanting something that can get you around town in the snow, manufacturers have now designed whole segments of these vehicles for you ranging from economy to classy to sophisticated. If you still want to try the trails, there are any number of models available as well. Do your research and get the right model for you.

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