Top Four Compact SUVs by Performance, Safety and Reliability

U.S News rated various manufacters’ 2010 models of compact SUVs by performance, interior and exterior design, safety and reliability to come up with a list for best compact SUV. This article will discard the design categories and focus on the top four compact SUVs’ performance, safety and reliability

Honda CR-V tops U.S. New’s list with 8.9 total points. Although this SUV’s performance is not its best quality with a score of 8.2, its safety and reliability scores of 9.9 and 9.0 respectively make up the difference. The model received the highest crash rating of five stars when subjected to government safety testing.

The SUV also comes standard equipped with dual airbags in the front, side airbags in the other seats and anti-lock brakes. JD Powers ranked the SUVs on reliability according to the owners’ opinion after three months and three years.

Honda CR-V

The second place ranking for best compact SUV goes to the GMC Terrian. Known for its high fuel economy with 32mpg at highway speeds and impressive interior design this SUV’s performance rating matches that of the Honda CR-V but surpasses the other car in safety with a perfect 10.

The vehicles excellent safety rating is due to the inclusion as standard features such as a rearview camera, USB ipod and satellite radio. GMC Terrian’s reliability rating of only 6.0 doesn’t even come close to matching that of Honda’s CR-V.

The Chevy Equinox ranks third on U.S. New’s best compact SUV list. In 2010 Chevy redesigned the Equinox interior for a roomier more comfortable ride and improved the SUV’s power and fuel economy.Even so the SUV’s performance rating is lower than the top two competitor’s.

Equipped with a full range of airbags throughout the car and other safety features like the On-Star crash alert, traction control and stability control systems and brake assist the vehicles safety rating matches the GMC Terrain. The SUV received only 5.0 on reliability making it almost two times less reliable according to the SUVs’ owners than the Honda CR-V.

Taking fourth place on U.S New’s list is the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 matches the top two SUVs in performance and comes close to the top three’s safety ratings. The RAV4 performs most like a car of all the best compact SUV models. The model’s reliability comes closest to that of the top SUV model on the list with a score of 7.0.

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