SUV Fuel Economy: Best SUVs with Great Gas Mileage

The Sport Utility Vehicle is one of the most popular types of vehicles in today’s market. Car producers have recognized this trend and have flooded the market with large gas guzzling tanks on wheels.

Dodge, Nissan, GMC and Hummer have all acknowledged the demand for sport utility vehicle. Now that gas prices are near record highs the market is looking for fuel economy, but don’t count out the sport utility vehicle. Car makers have started developing the same big roomy vehicles with better gas mileage and a more affordable fuel economy.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V ranks as one of the best fuel economy sport utility vehicle on the market. The Honda CR-V may not be your traditional big sport utility vehicle , but it give you the same utility as other sport utility vehicle with a greater affordability and fuel economy.

The Honda CR-V provides one of the best combinations of utility and affordability in the sport utility vehicle class with increased fuel economy, power and a sleek exterior.

The Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle is often compared to the Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle which is another leader in the sport utility vehicle class.

Toyota Rav4

The two are very similar, though the Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle has an easier to use tailgate and better interior. However, the Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle has better fuel economy with a more powerful engine.

The 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan is also one of the best fuel economy sport utility vehicles. A combo of the a tiger and iguana the Tiguan is a sporty German chic sport utility vehicle with good affordability and design as well as great gas mileage.

Volkwagen Tiguan

Whether you are looking for a safe and sound full-bodied sport utility vehicle large enough to cater to a full family or if you are looking for a family sport utility vehicles with a great prominence on comfortability, or extravagance and chic as you can now have the option of chasseing a sport utility vehicles with fuel economy.

The Tiguan has been one of the fastest-selling sport utility vehicles in the nation. The only problem with the Tiguan is that it is more costly than others.

You may find it has great fuel economy but will cost more to drive off the lot, for a more reasonably priced option think about the Toyota RAV4. Toyota has resumed sales of their automobiles as it had stopped sales to address troubles with the accelerators.

GMC Terrain

Another option for a surprisingly good fuel economy sport utility vehicles is the GMC Terrain. The GMC Terrain is a new compact crossover sport utility vehicles with great value and excellent fuel economy as well as an eye catching interior.

The GMC Terrain sport utility vehicle is none as one of a kind for its brave fashion and outstanding freeway fuel economy, highest in its class. The price is just right too, around $24,000.

Keep in mind that after longer than a decade on the market the Toyota RAV4 keeps on selling for its first-rate amalgamations.

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