Finding the Best 7 Passenger SUV

With ample room for up to seven passengers, the Acura MDX 2010 SUV has a V6, 3.7-liter engine, with an electronic ignition system replacing the cables and linkages between accelerator pedal and engine throttle. The MPG average is 16 city and 21 Hwy and can increase or decrease depending on the way you drive. The ride in the MDX is quiet, comfortable, and just right for long trips.

The three rows of seating beginning with the front passenger seats, continuing with the second and third row seats, which fold down making extra storage space. Many amenities make this SUV a pleasure to drive and a family favorite for off road destinations. The MDX super handling all wheel drive and 5000 pound towing capacity and automatic climate control feature makes this seven passenger vehicle plus gear a go anywhere SUV in style.


The sleek advanced body structure incorporates safety and security features like hi tech breaking and stability, a highly rated restraint system including front passenger knee support and active head restraints, and standard child seat safety features plus extra auto reverse features for the sunroof and front windows.

This SUV should be visibly inspected to appreciate all the features that make driving enjoyable.

When driving the MDX, you will find the front seats have both driver and passenger supports superior for body support when making turns or taking long or extended trips. The seats are designed for multiple seating adjustments coupled with a two-driver automatic memory system for side mirrors, steering wheel, and climate control.

Another plus in the MDX SUV is the easy to read and unique functions of the control panel that is designed to keep the eyes from drifting away from the road. The steering wheel controls allow for easy operations of audio, climate control, and multi information display.

Advanced technology puts the MDX Acura 2010 SUV in a class of luxury and with the ability to upgrade to advanced packages that add even more convenience and comfort for all passengers. The MDX Acura 2010 sporty style makes the comparison between it and other SUV’s easy. The MDX is constructed for road perceptive driving and passenger comfort.

You have a choice of eight exterior colors to choose from and four-color options on the interior. The MDX 2010 is a classy crossover of car and SUV, all in one package with storage space and room to fit seven people and gear. A truly unique style of SUV to own and operate on highway or off road driving.

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