Top SUV 2009

Over 30 models of SUVs get produced every year so picking the top SUV is a challenge. If you are shopping for an SUV, choosing the right model can be daunting but, if this SUV fits you then its a great buy. Many factors were taken into account when choosing the top SUV 2009 including quality, fuel economy, and reliability.

Top SUV 2009 – Subaru Forester

Brand new and redesigned for 2009 is the Subaru Forester. The Forester has long been classified as a station wagon. However, since it has been redesigned for 2009, the forester is now bigger and better than ever. This is due to Subaru upgrading the cargo space, towing capacity, style, quality, and responsiveness.

Since its redesign, the forest still retains its car like handling but, with the added cargo space of an SUV. Many SUV users complain of poor handling response. This is typical to an SUV but not to the forester SUV. This is mainly due to the foresters low profile riding height. Most SUVs clear the ground by 10 inches or so. The forester is low profile so it only clears by 6 inches in some spots. Since the forester is a crossover, it rides like a car with the cargo space of an SUV.

New foresters tend to price for between $20,000 and $30,000 depending on options. There are four different trim levels available boasting different user options for each.

Most foresters come with a four cylinder engine with optional turbo charge. Since the forester is manufactured with such a small engine, it boasts excellent fuel economy. The forester boasts a combined fuel economy of 21 MPG. This comes in above the average SUV by 4 miles per gallon. On the flip side, having a small engine reduces acceleration and towing capacity. To combat the acceleration problem Subaru offers an optional turbocharged engine. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do much for the towing capacity.

For a small SUV, the Subaru Forester is the way to go. Subaru’s have incredible reliability ratings and quality of craftsmanship ratings. If one was in the market for a large SUV, the forester may not be a viable option. However, for the average SUV user, the forester is a great value for the money based on reliability, quality of craftsmanship, and fuel economy. For the price, the Subaru Forester is easily the top SUV 2009.

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