Top 3 Highest Rated SUVs

People choose SUVs for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the ability to drive in many different terrains, while others prefer the room they provide. Most car manufacturers have jumped on the SUV bandwagon and added a line of SUVs to their collection; in hopes of producing the highest rated SUV.

So how do you choose the best? The following are the top rated SUVs for 2010. Each of the SUVs are rated at the top of the list by consumers for price, safety, reliability, gas mileage, handling, and several other factors.

1. GMC Yukon

This full size SUV has been a favorite amongst SUV purchasers for several years. Introduced to the public in 1992, the Yukon replaced the GMC Jimmy. Many changes have came with the Yukon, including a luxury version called the Yukon Denali.

The older models of the Yukon offered 2 door styles with room for up to 6 passengers, while the newer versions feature 4 doors with room for up to 9 passengers. Inside the Yukon you will find plenty of leg room to stretch during a long trip as well as space for carrying along the things you need.

The Yukon offers those inside a comfortable and smooth ride with lots of power packed behind it. This SUV performs well on the highway or off road. The Yukon features 3 row seating with easy fold down for extra space. The Yukon took many awards throughout it’s history, including Best SUV by Car and Driver magazine.

2. Lexus RX

The RX has been sold since 1996, and is a quiet affordable option for those who like the Lexus name and are looking for a quality SUV. Resembeling a Toyota LandCruiser the Lexus LS is the most expensive Lexus SUV available. It features seating for up to 7 people.

3 rows of heated seats, the 2nd and 3rd rows can easily be folded down. The RX feautured remote entry, 6 disc CD changer, and OnStar. This model SUV won several awards consecutive years in a row, including Best SUV,Highest resale value, and others, making it one of the highest ranked SUVs on the market.

3. Ford Explorer

One of the most popular SUVs around, the Explorer is a mid size SUV that has been around since 1990. An Eddie Bauer edition was added to the line of Explorers in 1997.

There are special Explorers made as law enforcement vehicles. The Explorer has a high resale value, and plenty of charm, speed, and gas mileage that is unbeatable for an SUV.

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