The Best SUV 2008 had to Offer

The best SUV 2008 ratings had several SUV’s that made the top of the list for being the best SUV 2008 had to offer. Depending on which category you are in will depend on which vehicles are listed for being the best. SUV’s are available in a number of sizes ranking from small SUV’s to large SUV’s. If you own a small SUV and want to know if your vehicle was one of the best, then you will want to look under the small SUV category to find out.

Of all the smaller SUV’s, the Honda CR-V is the winner. The Honda CR-V is among the winners of the small class alongside of the Suzuki Grand Vitara. There were a number of factors that went into choosing which is the best SUV 2008 had to offer. Some of the things that were considered for choosing the best SUV were the safety ratings that each car got when involved in an accident. The ratings are important when looking at keeping a family safe and when car insurance is involved. If you have a vehicle that has high safety ratings, your car insurance rates are automatically lower than if you did not own a car with good safety ratings.

When the midsize SUV list came out, at the top was the GMC Acadia. The Acadia was at the top of the list alongside of the Honda Pilot. Others that were on the list of the best buys for 2008 were the Mazda CX-9 and Saturn Outlook. All of these cars ranked among the best midsize SUV’s.

When it comes to the premium midsize SUV’s, the top of the list was the Acura MDX. The Buick Enclave was next on the list. There are several models who would come in close to being at the top of the list but these two are what was picked for being one of the best buys of 2008 for their ratings and the price in 2008.

When it came to the highest and best SUV 2008 had to offer, the Cadillac Escalade was the winner. The Cadillac Escalade featured good acceleration along with the ride it offered and the handling that you get when driving the vehicle. The room that you get inside of the Cadillac is another reason that it was chosen to be one of the best 2008 SUV’s.

When the vehicle was looked at for its road test evaluation, many things are looked at which also made this one of the best of 2008. Such things that were looked at when deciding which SUV’s made the list, were the engine as well as the handling of the vehicle and the room that you get inside each of the SUV’s. All of these things are looked into when deciding who will be on the top 2008 SUV list.

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