The Acura RDX SUV – A Futuristic Revolution In Driving

The invention of the automobile has come quite a long way from its roots dating back to Mr. Henry Ford and the Model-T. From the day that the “horseless carriage” was brought into reality the world has seen a need to continuously keep the modern automobile within the means of the latest technology where safety, comfort, and dependability are concerned.

In today’s vehicle market, the 2010 Acura RDX SUV seems to be within the top 5 luxury SUVs for meeting those standards. In a nutshell, it is a very stylish vehicle that boasts a turbocharged, 2.3-liter, 240-horse power, 4-cylinder engine with i-VTECH technology.

A combination 5-speed, automatic transmission enables the driver to choose between an automatic shift, and manual drive for full control of the vehicle. The Acura RDX features paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel for shifting accuracy and grade logic control for tracking the SUV’s throttle position, and its speed acceleration and deceleration.

The vehicle’s manual drive stance makes for quick gear shifting before returning it to automatic command while selecting the “S” option will give the driver greater control in accelerated turns at manual power.

For power distribution, The Acura RDX SUV returns 90% of its ability to its front wheels. This enables the operator to have more control over the overall maneuverability of the vehicle and also allows for greater fuel economy.

Up to 45% of the vehicle’s power is distributed to the rear when accelerating on a straightaway at full throttle. 70% of the Acura’s torque is generated toward the rear of the vehicle while taking a curve at hard acceleration to allow for a smoother transition. The vehicle’s “Grade Logic Control” allows it to accelerate an incline in a low gear without putting too much strain on the engine, while its “Shift Hold Control” allows for less break wear in descention.

Finally, the Acura RDX SUV has received a five star rating by the NHTSA after working through rigorous series of tests and its sound system has surpassed six other model types.

The starting price for this vehicle begins at $37, 000.00 to $38,000.00, which makes it seem well worth it if this is the type of SUV you desire, as it carries a wide range of accessories that includes but is not limited to; a cooler bag, a cargo liner, cargo organizer, cargo tray, leather covered select knob, and interior wood-paneled trimming.

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