The Acura MDX SUV- a luxury driving experience

The Acura MDX SUV is an SUV with the power and precision of a sports car. Its comfortable cabin and luxury additions will quickly make even the most discerning driver feel at home.

It can comfortably seat 7 passengers with room remaining for storage and personal items. This SUV will easily glide over city streets and power its way through rougher mountain terrain. It is the SUV for luxury car enthusiasts.

Its 3.7 liter V-6 offers 300 horsepower which will effortlessly propel this sporty car. The Acura MDX SUV is equipped with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive which provides the driver with the functionality of all-wheel drive while maintaining superior handling no matter the road condition. This adaptive system analyzes and adjusts to determine the balance of power between front and rear wheels.

In addition to superior handling and sporty power, the Acura MDX SUV offers many luxury comforts to the vehicle and the choice of many more luxury items available optionally. One of these luxuries is GPS linked temperature control, which will completely control cabin temperatures based on time, temperature and sun positioning.

It will quickly compensate for fluctuations in sun intensity and outside temperature to ensure a stable and comfortable temperature at all times. Adaptive cruise control is also available. When activated, this cruise control will match speeds with other cars on the road, accelerating and decelerating as needed.

It will maintain a safe distance between other cars thus allowing for effortless driving. These are just two of many innovative luxury conveniences that this high performance vehicle offers. The sound system is also one of the best in the industry.

Every sporty car needs a visually stunning body. This SUV will not disappoint. Clean lines and curves create a classic yet modern look. This vehicle is equipped with a 5 year warranty against outer body rust which will insure that this vehicle continues to look stunning for years to come.

All of these features come packaged in a vehicle that is also sports a 5 star NHTSA crash test rating for both driver and front passenger. Not only will you get to your destination in style, you will get there safely.

Overall the Acura MDX SUV is a sporty, luxury vehicle that will please any driver. Superior styling is effortlessly paired with power and handling to make driving an enjoyable and effortless experience.

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