Suzuki Grand Vitari: Best SUV for the Money

If you want to spend mid-range cash for an SUV, that being around 25k complete, then the Grand Vitara by Suzuki is a great choice. Sure, you can go with the big name companies like Toyota, but that might not turn out to be the best choice. Besides, Suzuki is a large company experienced in making cars and motorcycles for quite some time.

Suzuki is entirely built in Japan, so there will be none of this sharing of parts. You get a fully Japanese built vehicle with excellent craftsmanship. It is available in a 4 or 6 cylinder model. If you step up a bit you can get the X-Sport, which has a beautiful sunroof. The ride is comparable to any truck, keeping in mind that a truck will not give you as smooth a ride as a sedan.

Your choices lies with the base, premium, X-sport and luxury edition. The price gap between them is not large, so you can enjoy the sunroof of the X-sport. Don’t worry, the simple keyless entry and startup is included in all models. The 3.2 liter V6 will give you 230 horses under the hood and is the recommended way to go. Suzuki is one of the top selling cars in India, where the roads leave something to be desired. The Grand Vitara can handle all you can give it.

It has a great warranty, one of the best in the industry and that should give the driver peace of mind. It is not hard to get into and a step is not required. When you drive around in the Grand Vitara, it will be difficult getting you out of the driver’s seat. The dashboard and other components are stylish and functional.

The only problem is that Japan has not supplied enough of the vehicles, which does not give you too much choice in the way of options. If the Grand Vitara you like comes with Blue Tooth, you better take it, or you will have to wait until your exact choice of vehicle is located.

The only complaint made against the car has been that it is not in the top tier in gas mileage, though it is not a truck that will burn a lot of fuel. The choices of colors are limited to red, gray, white and black. At least you will not have to think long in what color you desire. The Grand Vitara is a keeper and you will enjoy it immensely.

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