SUV Tents

When camping, it’s a common belief that you have to rough everything. There is the hard and dirty work of clearing a campsite, and the hassle of pitching an unreliable tent.

One way to avoid all this unnecessary hassle is with an SUV tent. Using this unique, convenient tent can greatly transform your vehicle into a relaxing hotel, and the best part is that you don’t even have to make a reservation ahead of time.

These special tents are available in several different designs, for numerous models and years of vehicles, including the SUV. They also come in many brands and sizes, so the options are endless.

There are SUV tents that are large and roomy for several people, some that are smaller and sleep one or two people, and a few that are just offer a simple roof over your head for an outing during the day or a quick sleep at night.

The CampRight tent one of the larger ones, with the space to sleep up to ten people with even more extra room to space. It measures a whopping 15 feet in length, and eight feet in width, with a screen that extends, adding on an extra 48 square feet.

Amazingly, this large tent fits all into the back of the SUV when its not in use. Even though it would be stuffed into the back, when you’re ready to camp it is guaranteed that it will be transformed into a comfortable luxury tent within minutes.

This tent is made of durable, rip-stop nylon for a long life, and has a tub-styled floor so all water is kept out of it. The best part is that it can detach from your vehicle, so if you’re just leaving to hit some trails, you don’t have to put back your tent just right then.

There are a few tips available for you if you’re gonna use an SUV tent. If it’s a windy day, be sure to pitch your tent door into the wind, so bugs and misquotes won’t be blown in each time you open the door.

It’s also wise to lubricate your tent zipper with silicon, just in case if it gets stuck leaving you in a hard situation. One tip for putting away the tent is to open the doors and windows of the tent, so all the air can escape as it collapses.

This makes rolling and storing it much more easier, and makes it more compact. But the best tip of all is to enjoy your SUV tent and keep safe.

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