SUV Accessories

SUVs are among the most popular vehicles today because of their versatility. A well-accessorized SUV can take you across the desert or through the woods as easily as to the grocery store or soccer field, and SUVs can be accessorized to suit nearly any purpose. The most popular types of accessories increase performance or off-road ability, add a custom look to the vehicle, or increase functionality.

Many SUV owners are accessorizing their vehicles to make them better performers off road. One common modification is a suspension lift. Suspension lifts allow more room for large aggressive off-road tires and give the vehicle more ride height to get over obstacles. A basic small lift (under 2″) usually involves new shocks and new front coil springs as well as lifting blocks, add-a leaf’s or new shackles on the rear leaf springs. Small lifts are available from many manufacturers including Skyjacker, Rough Country, Rancho, and Tuff Country and are affordable at prices ranging from about $150.00 for a low end kit to over $400.00 (without installation) for a top of the line model.

Larger lifts are more expensive as more suspension components are involved and more modifications are made to increase wheel travel. A three to seven inch lift from Skyjacker, James Duff, or Superlift could cost you between $500.00 and $2500.00, depending upon how many suspension and steering components you decide to replace to increase wheel travel. Be sure to check with your local DMV about the legality of any lift before you install it.

To go with a new lift kit many vehicle owners opt for larger wheels and tires with aggressive tread that can grip even the roughest terrain. A downside to larger tires is that they will increase rolling resistance and decrease fuel efficiency, but for many the aggressive off-road look and performance they provide is more than worth the few disadvantages.
Aftermarket accessories also exist to help increase your gas mileage. Cat-back exhaust systems and new air filters can help the engine breathe better, increasing gas mileage. Many of these parts also increase horsepower. A K&N high flow air filter will cost $30-$50. Cat-back exhaust systems available form Gibson, Magnaflow, and Flowmaster are generally priced between $250.00 and $600.00.

Other functional accessories that can add a custom look to a vehicle are brush guards and off-road lights. Brush guards can help protect your vehicle if you take it off-road, but will also protect your bumper from minor scrapes and low speed bumps. Off-road lights, fog lights, and driving lights can help you see better while driving at night or in foggy, rainy weather and add a custom look to your vehicle. Fender flares can help you accommodate larger tires, though both fender flares and fog lights often come stock on higher end SUVs. Billet grilles and other chrome accents can add a high end expensive look to your SUV.

Many accessories exist to help you organize both the interior and exterior of your SUV. Trunk liners help protect your vehicle’s interior from your cargo and are available for almost any SUV. Rubberized cargo liners will also keep cargo form sliding around as you drive. Aftermarket consoles can be placed in rear bench seats to add storage space and organize clutter.

Whatever you use your SUV for, there are many accessories available to outfit it.

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