Smallest SUV: Review of the Smallest SUVs Available

Anyone who enjoys driving around in style knows that you can’t beat the prestige, power and look of the SUV. The SUV(sports utility vehicle) is among one of the more expensive cars available on the market today. S

o how can you still drive one while shaving off the huge price tag and accompanying gas issues. Well one way is to simply buy a smaller SUV.

Compared to the Cadillac Escalade, which runs upwards of at least $77,000, the Subaru Forester shines with a modest price of $19,995. This vehicle is considered the best compact SUV on the market for now.

Now if you are worried about performance suffering don’t Motor trend compares the Subaru’s performance to the mid size Mazda cx-7. It comes with all wheel drive as standard and boasts Motor trends Sports utility of the year award. One aspect of the compact SUV that differs it from its more luxurious counterparts is without its larger size it excels at off road situations. This feature makes it instantly appealing to the college age generation with it’s higher mpg yet lower price tag. Depending on what you are looking for the compact SUV could be the way to go.

Mazda CX-7

The 2009 Toyota Rav4 is the second most recommended compact SUV with a price tag of 21,500. This model also comes complete with a V-6 giving it one of the most powerful engines in its class while maintaining a good fuel efficiency. There is an optional third seat but should only be used for children.

Now if your willing to spend a bit more money and be environmentally conscious the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid may be your choice. The price tag for this is a steep 29,995 but what you gain in fuel efficiency is invaluable (35 mpg): as well as knowing your doing your part for the environment.

This vehicle is in a class of its own, while its spacious interior comforts your ride, it gets enough fuel efficiency to compare to an economy car. On top of all that it’s the IIHS’s pick for top safety making this ideal for small or low income families. It lacks of course in passing power on the freeway but makes up for it in reliability.

With these compact SUV’s on the market having better fuel economy and a better price tag than most SUV’s they are definitely worth there weight in savings.

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