Skoda Superb

In the family of new cars, the Škoda Superb ranks high in the 2011 standard in vehicles. The turbocharged petrol engine, in-line, liquid cooling system, direct injection, and 16V DOHC pull the car right into the statistics of economically efficient vehicles. These vehicles can be manual 6-speed fully synchronized or automatic 7-speed, DSG, with Tiptronic manual gear changing, depending on your preference. Like it’s sister car, the Superb has McPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabilizer and multi-element axle, with one longitudinal and three transverse links, with torsion stabilizer for ultimate shock system.

The Škoda Superb TDI CR comes with turbocharged diesel engine, turbocharger with self-aligning blades, in-line, liquid cooling system, high-pressure direct injection system, 16V DOHC, and transverse in front. It has the same suspension system and an automatic 6-speed, DSG, with Tiptronic manual gear changing. This two time car of the year has received several awards, including best car company and the ARBӦ Big Automotive Award.

Safety is not a chance this company takes. The Skoda Superb contains the highest in safety equipment, including eight dual-side air bags, anti-slip regulation, traction control system, and an anti-lock brake system so that you can enjoy its drive at high speeds. The front seats with whiplash optimized head restraints are engineered to reduce neck injury if there is the event of a collision. This works by the headrest itself moving forward to catch the movement of the head during an accident. The hill hold control allows the car to have easy starts and pull offs when going up hill from a stationary position without rolling or sliding backwards or having to use the handbrake.

Comfort has scored seven stars with the Skoda Superb. With arm chair like seats and automatic air conditioning, the driver and passengers can ride in luxurious style and comfort. It comes with a full color touch screen audio player that reduces the need for multiple operations of traditional dials and buttons.

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