Skoda Fabia

In the interest of new economically efficient cars, the Škoda Fabia was introduced. This car has been introduced to the new generation of vehicles with the intention of sleek style, efficiency, and great overall performance. The car features 22.8 MPG with a three cylinder 1198 cc engine. The tubeless tires perform great under the 1.3 ton car, while the McPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabilizer and compound link crank-axle provide great shocks on the automobile for a smooth ride.

The Skoda Fabia comes with several different interior features. With semi-automatic climate control and rear air conditioning, the car becomes very comfortable to drive and ride in for all 5 passenger seats. A manual 5-speed drive with adjustable headlights, there are several safety features that make the car very likeable for the consumer today. The Fabia’s excellent handling and unequivocal reaction to the driver’s commands are among the basic prerequisites for a safe ride. It helps drivers avoid dangerous situations or resolve them safely. It has all the comforts and roominess of a big luxury car and at the same time it is so compact that you can drive it and park it with utmost ease in the most congested areas. Adjustable steering and automated height adjustment for seats help with the comfort as well. The premium touch and feel will make you forget that you are sitting in a hatchback.

The side profile of the Super Hatch is equally impressive. The jazzed up sleek exterior of the car is a smooth blend of aesthetics and functionality. It has a striking front grille with vertical fins that greet you at the first glance. No small car can make you feel special the way Škoda Fabia does. The sleek looking Fabia is the first Super Hatch in India with a huge passenger and cargo space designed with premium looks. The Fabia comes with electric sunroof, integrated audio player, adjustable armrest between the front seats and a lot of practical storage compartments and pockets as Standard Equipment. This is a great car to choose for a family vehicle, as a business investment, or just for luxury use.

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