Side Steps for an SUV: A Useful Feature!

Side Steps for an SUV are a fun and reliable way to beautify your vehicle. They are also helpful in providing a simple fix to a big problem. The vehicle may be modified so much that it is nearly impossible to get in.

SUV side steps would allow you to simply step into the unusually high vehicle, safely and securely. The steps were used in the past mostly for tractor trailers and construction vehicles that were large enough to carry heavy equipment but not low enough to the ground to allow the passengers to easily come aboard.

Old car trends have always seemed to model vehicles after Army vehicles and the newer vehicles are no exception. Recently, newer vehicles are being manufactured with similar Army type features (i.e. television sets included in the seats, auto parking for the vehicle, surveillance cameras behind the vehicle and navigational systems built into the vehicle).

These recent surge of ideas have expanded to the exterior of the vehicles as of yet. The most sought after external modification is the Side Step. The Side Step has gained even more momentum in the popularity category because:

1. It is easy and has fast installation
2. It is durable
3. It comes in various types
4. It fits various vehicles (interchangeable)

Listed below are some of the more popular Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and the Side Step that is frequently modified or purchased for the related vehicle:

Chevrolet Envoy – Carr Super Hoop Truck Steps
Chevrolet Tahoe – Signature Series Step Bars – long silver bars with rounded corners.
Chevrolet Trailblazer – Westin E-Series are bolt-on units that come in two finishes: Polished Stainless Steel or Black Powder coated Mild Steel.
Ford Expedition – Signature Series Step Bars are the classic round bar design that features a recessed step area and a UV-resistant step pad.
Ford Explorer – Universal Molded Step Boards are made of UV-resistant molded polymer. These boards have a lighted option that illuminates the steps in the dark as well as when the door opens.
Honda CRV – Sure Grip Safe Boards match the CRV’s sleek design. A slip-resistant rubber strip is extended for the entire length of the board. Three colors could be chosen are: polished, brushed or black finish.
Toyota 4Runner – The most popular is the Westin’s Platinum Series Ner Bars. Although this brand fits only for earlier models, it can be modified to fit later models.

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