Mahindra Bolero

The Mahindra Bolero is a car in the utility vehicle class that has surpassed in customer satisfaction and quality. This all-terrain vehicle comes with many features from safety to engineering. A hard core 2523 cc diesel engine equips this car to be able to take on the toughest of terrains all over the world. It builds up 63 horsepower and 183 NM of torque to overcome steep inclines with disc-drum brake lines to prevent lock up of the rear wheels. It carries a low sense of gravity with an anti roll bar to give it solid stability on the rough roads.

The Mahindra Bolero 180 carries a supreme suspension system to give the softest of rides on the hardest of landscapes. The front comes with independent coil suspension and the rear contains parabolic leaf suspension. This helps the car go over desert, mountain, and road with ease of handling. New Mahindra Bolero comes equipped with an advanced NGT 520 transmission, along with synchromesh gears, which allow smooth gearshifts. The automobile’s front suspension is built to withstand tough road conditions, while giving its occupants utmost comfort. The wide radial tires of Bolero ensure better road grip, safety and improved handling.

The ATV also presents with plenty of comfort features as well. The Mahindra Bolero is first in its class with soft to touch seating, side ventilators, and an easy to operate MP3 player. This gives the vehicle more pleasure in riding while taking adventure by the horns. The vehicle is India’s SUV of the year four years running, and presents itself with a style all its own. It contains easy grips for door handles and comes in several different colors for your pleasure. The SUV is available in five colors, including Apple Red, Fiery Black, Diamond White, Rocky Beige and Turf Green. The eight variants of new Mahindra Bolero are SLX, DX, DI, XLS, XL, Sportz, Invader and Camper.

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  1. Aju says:

    Only one think, Mahindra should add a front wind-shield de-fogger for Bolero and must do something urgently to improve the customer care system.

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