High Mileage SUV: Options to Consider for Good Gas Mileage SUVs

With fuel prices so high during our present economic situation; it seems that more and more people are looking for more ways to save money. Sometimes this may even mean that people will have to trade their present automobile for one that costs much less money to operate; they want a High Mileage SUV.

They need a vehicle that uses less fuel and gets more miles to the gallon. People also need a vehicle that will be convenient for their entire family. The answer for these people would be a small high mileage SUV.

SUVs are manufactured in different sizes. People should consider the size of the van if they are looking to save on fuel costs. The smaller sized vehicles that use the four cylinder engines will be more economical than the larger sized vans that weigh more, and consume more fuel. This decision is one that the buyer would have to take into consideration. It depends mostly on what the SUV is going to be used for the most.

A sport utility vehicle offers the comfort of a luxury automobile while it offers plenty of room for your children. You can let the back seat down and it makes room to carry some building materials, or quite a few shopping bags. Auto manufacturers also take into consideration ways to keep the kids entertained during a trip.

Many SUVs come equipped with DVD players and can also come equipped with a navigation system, a satellite radio, and other options that are available. However, the best thing is the high amount of gas mileage you get.

Although every auto manufacturer boosts about having the best high mileage sports utility vehicle; people that are thinking of purchasing an SUV should do some research and check out the surveys that are available on the internet.

Several different surveys state that the Ford Escape offers the highest gas mileage of all, reaching 31 miles per gallon in the city. Both Ford and Mercury SUVs are manufactured using 2.3 liter, 4 cylinder motors. The manufacturers have also added a CVT automatic transmission that helps maintain high fuel economy.

These surveys also name the Toyota Highlander and the Lexus RX 400h as the next highest fuel savers. Both SUVs are Hybrids and are manufactured for people who like the two wheel drive vehicles more than the front wheel drive.

Both of these vehicles use a larger engine; a 3.3 liter, with six cylinders. They also use a CVT automatic transmission. However, the larger engine only gets 28 miles per gallon in the city.

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