Fuel Efficient Crossover – SUVs to Save on Gas

In a world where gas prices cause some drivers to re-think their annual road-trip across the country, people are turning to other options for their transportation needs. Some drivers opt for a smaller compact vehicle, or a hybrid, but for drivers with families there are the fuel efficient crossover vehicles.

A fuel efficient crossover vehicle is roomy and is ideal for a family of four or more. And with the evolution of technology today’s crossover vehicles are manufactured to more fuel efficient than ever before. Let’s look at the new 2010 Chevy Traverse. It has room enough for 8 passengers, and it gets 24 mpg. The Traverse has the best fuel economy of any 8 passenger vehicle.

Of course there are other crossover vehicles that provide great fuel efficiency, such as the following vehicles: Honda Pilot, Mazda CX-9, Hyundai Veracruz, Saturn Outlook and the Ford Flex. The Chevy Traverse gives drivers more bang for the buck with its roomy interior and gas saving technology. The only crossover that comes close in interior room is the Ford Flex.

Crossover vehicles are becoming extremely popular due to their fuel efficiency. Once upon a time ago people were all about the bigger the SUV the better the vehicle. Of course high gas prices have caused traditional SUV sales to plummet.

And most car manufacturers have unveiled and released their SUV alternatives to the market. This wasn’t just a smart move, this was an ingenious move. Drivers still want bigger vehicles, but not at the cost of having to fill up three to four times a week. So crossover vehicles make complete sense. They provide the bigger vehicle feeling mixed with great fuel savings technology.

The prices for these crossover vehicles are mainly priced in the low to mid $20,000’s. For most drivers looking for a well-rounded family vehicle, a crossover will suit them just fine. Imagine packing your family for a fun filled trip that will take a good 4 hours.

In one of these fuel efficient crossovers, especially the Chevy Traverse, all it would take is one fill-up and your and your family would be all set. There would be no need to stop to fill-up again, which should make you a very happy driver.

Saving money on gas by owning a crossover vehicle will continue to be a very important selling factor to drivers everywhere. And as more and more people opt for the smaller crossover vehicles, car manufacturers may find themselves designing and launching new crossover models to keep up with the demand. The reality of fuel efficient crossovers is simple; saving money on gas keeps more money in your pocket.

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