Environmentally Friendly SUV: Best SUVs for the Environment

Anyone who enjoys driving around in style knows that you just can’t beat the prestige, power and look of the SUV. The problem with this however is that most SUV’s on the market are not environmentally friendly SUVs, but are huge gas guzzlers accounting for a decent percentage of overall emissions. The truth is some people just like big cars and others well they just simply love the fell of an SUV under their bottom.

In the middle of a huge market reform car companies have been striving to create more environmentally friendly SUVs in recent years, this bodes extremely well for those who like big cars. More and more SUV Hybrid classes are being created and put on the market for the waiting public, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of reputable models to ever aid your choices.

Lexus RX

At around $33,000 you can pick up a Lexus RX 400h a luxury Hybrid SUV with the improved fuel economy and performance that only a hybrid can give. It gets 0-60 in 8 seconds and comes in standard and all wheel drive. This car truly strives to be green while continuing to make you feel like your in the black. It’s ride is comparable to its non hybrid counterpart.

For about the same price at $32,000 you can get the Toyota Highlander. If the Lexus married luxury to the environment ,this vehicle definitely is for those with families. It seats seven people making it the roomiest SUV on the market as of now. It rides with the luxury and power of its non hybrid counterpart but keeps the efficiency of a hybrid getting 27mpg. For growing families always on the move but weary of gas expenses this is the car.

Now for a little less money than the other two the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The price tag for this is set at $28,867 and is virtually identical to the Ford escape hybrid. It comes equipped with AWD and a large amount of cargo space.

Another more affordable choice is the aforementioned Ford Escape Hybrid itself coming in at about $27,300. While this model is mostly identical to its non hybrid counterpart its powered by an Atkinson-cycle 4 cylinder engine which is combined with an electric motor.

With its fuel efficiency however it stands above all with its 31mpg on the highway, and 25 in the city. So relax if you are conscious of the environment yet want to remain in style there are choices out there for you.

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