Custom SUV: Best Custom SUV Features

SUVs are getting more and more popular these days. There are many different reasons why people purchase a sport utility vehicle. You have the individual who wants to look sporty and cool. Then there’s the family that has a few kids.

There’s someone who wants a custom SUV for the four wheel drive. You have the individual who just wants the room. The list can go on because there are so many different reasons to have an SUV. You can purchase an SUV from small to big depending on what you are looking for. Mainly lets focus on customizing your SUV.

You can customize your SUV, big or small, however you would like it. There are many accessories and add ons out there to purchase to make your own custom SUV. There are many ways to get a custom SUV.

Lets start with your family getting to big or you just want more seating. Even if you bought an SUV without a third row seat you can have them custom made for your make and model of SUV.

You can have your third row seat custom designed to your material in your SUV. The custom third row seat is also complies with the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards.

You can purchase custom wheels for your SUV. If you don’t like the wheels that came with your SUV or you just want that sweet looking ride then look into custom wheels. There are so many different makes and models of wheels to fit your SUV. You can choose chrome, black, or many different colors.

Would you like your SUV higher or lower? You can customize your SUV to sit lower to the ground by lowering it and putting smaller tires and wheels on it. You can also choose to have it sit in the air by raising the suspension and having bigger tires.

They sell aftermarket headlights, tailights, and turning signals to make an SUV custom also. Make sure to check with your state regulations so that you do not buy any that are illegal.

Lets talk about changing the look of the inside of your SUV. You can change every piece of the interior if you want. You can purchase anything from dashes, different lights in your dash, doors, and seats. There are many different colors and styles out there to choose from.

You want it to look good under the hood? You can change your air intake system that will give you more horsepower, fuel systems, air filters, cooling, oil filters, performance chips, as well as many other options.

You can customize your SUV by changing your exhaust, different front grilles, grill guards, bras, running boards, and the list can go on and on. Use your imagination and customize your SUV to exactly the way you want. There are so many add ons to choose from.

Audi Q5

There are a few SUVs like to luxury or sport line that come with some of the add ons that many people purchase. They can come in different trims, odd colors, different wheels, interior, or better performance add ons. A few to name in the compact SUV line are the Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLK, or the Land Rover LR2.

The mid-size SUV class has the Lincoln MKT, Cadillac SRX, or Porsche Cayenne as well as many others. The full-size SUV line there is the Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2, or the Mercedes Benz GL as well as others. So when pruchasing an SUV there is so many to choose from that have some of the options or add ons that you may already be looking for.

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