Cheap SUVs: Best Cheap New SUVs

Over the years, the sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have become popular for many different reasons. The Cheap SUVs come with a much larger cabin than a mini-van and with a very high interior which creates more roominess for easy movement within the vehicle.

The surprise is that the cheap SUVs are sometimes embraced more by the female driver than most males. The main reason for this is that the SUV is much more stylish than a mini-van but still can be used for grocery shopping, taking the family to extracurricular activities, or just to school and home.

The driver of an SUV gets a feeling of safety for themselves and their passengers because of the external size of the vehicle which gives a mother more peace of mind when transporting children. The SUVs do have some drawbacks, such as gas mileage and the possibility of a rollover type of accident.

The experts in the automobile industry feel that the SUV is a vehicle that is here to stay for awhile even though there is a slump now due to the nation’s economy. The SUVs slump may be no worse than what any of the other vehicles on the market are suffering.

Any exceptions would be that the consumer is now taking the go-green movement more seriously and they don’t really believe that the cost of oil will decrease significantly in the near future.

The fact remains that people are still purchasing SUVs, but now they are more conscious about trying to find the most cost-effective style of a SUV. Some of the top new cheap SUVs all sell somewhere under $20,000 and fall in the compact SUV category. These are mainly the crossovers which are built using the platform for a car instead of a small truck.

2010 Kia Sportage

One of the most well known cheap SUVs is the Kia Sportage. This model is considered a compact SUV but still offers the whole package of safety features and complete versatility at a tremendous value.

Another of the cheap SUVs is the Jeep Patriot, which is a great off-road vehicle with a notable gas economy and is very powerful at accelerating.

The Hyundai Tucson was the first small SUV when it entered the market in 2005 and it also falls into the category of cheap SUVs.

The Tucson has numerous great qualities including many types of safety equipment and is thought to be one of the more enjoyable cost-effective SUVs to drive.

The Jeep Compass is nothing like any other Jeep and has a cheap price tag also. The Compass is fuel efficient and is a single-speed system, but four-wheel drive can be ordered for this model. The word is that the engine is weak and that the low cost is due to Jeep’s cutting the interior amenities.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The last one in this group of inexpensive SUVs is the Suzuki Grand Vitara whose initial shortcomings did not make it very successful in the states. The current model is said to have been improved and has peaked the consumer’s interest as a satisfactory cheaper SUV.

When shopping for a new model of one of the cheap SUVs, it doesn’t mean that anyone has to settle for less than high quality. Even though a fast growing cheaper crossover model may be selected, they still offer comfortable interiors and stylish exteriors.

The majority of the time they can’t be distinguished from the larger SUVs in some of the important qualities. The majority of the crossovers are, however, not designed for heavy off-road capabilities, but they are designed for more fuel economy and easier handling ability on the road.

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