Best SUV Crossover – Toyota Rav4

The Toyota Rav4 is the best suv crossover ever made. The Rav4 is stylish and contemporary. It comes with an increased cargo, which is great for hauling many different items from camping gear to your dogs or groceries. Or if you have children you can get all their sports gear inside with no problems.

The Rav4 has an optional 2nd back seat, without it you can increase your cargo size even more. A big plus is also the regular back seats fold completely down extending the cargo space that much more. The Rav was also the first suv crossover from Toyota. It comes with optional 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive.

With the Toyota Rav 4 you can get either standard transmission or automatic transmission. This vehicle has the power to continue going in the snow, mud or sunny weather. It has fuel mileage ranging from 17 to 27. Toyota is well known for having the best suv crossover.

Toyota is also one of the most trustworthy companies for all vehicles, they have great lasting power and with regular upkeep can run for what seems forever. The Rav4 also comes in either 4cylinder or 6 cylinder, making it the best suv crossover.

Plenty of power for those who want to go, and plenty of power for those who just want to have no problem climbing hills. The Rav also is great for higher visibility and maneurvability for those who want to be able to have the best of both worlds, a car and a suv. You won’t miss the smaller interior of cars when you climb into this vehicle.

Plenty of leg room for everyone, no one is too small or too tall for this vehicle. There is cargo netting that will help protect the things that you do not want on the floor. Great for groceries that need more care, such as milk, or eggs.

Overall, this vehicle is everything that a person could want, room for everyone, power to go where you want when you want, cargo space to fit everything in. The comfort of knowing that you are protected with not only four wheel drive if it is needed but superior support within the Toyota company.

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