Best Selling SUV

Sport utility vehicles (SUV’s) have traditionally been linked to terms like gas-guzzler, inefficient, wasteful, etc. If the economy is in such disarray and gas prices are so high, wouldn’t sales numbers drop in SUV-type vehicles? Not so.

The reason is that many car manufacturing companies have worked to make SUV’s more efficient so that the consumer can, with good conscience, afford a larger vehicle that affords both space and comfort. Sales may have tanked in other areas of the market, but style and comfort have held strong, as evidenced by these four best-selling SUV’s on the market.

Overall, the bestsellers include the class of SUV’s categorized as midsize. This class of SUV has taken over the market formerly dominated by mini-vans, station wagons, and larger sedans because of both its comfort and its utility.

According to AOL Autos and (as well as many other consumer publications) the Ford Escape nudges out the competition as the best selling SUV. This is not surprising considering the Escape’s wallet-friendly specs. The Ford Escape boasts 28 MPG on the highway (better than many Sedans). The Escape also has an edge in the safety department and is built for highway as well as off-road. Prices range from $21,020 to $27,375 for the Escape Hybrid.

The Honda CRV has been a consistently popular SUV for years. Like the Escape, the Honda CRV claims a 28 MPG average on the highway. The CRV is standard equipped with some very convenient features, including a tire pressure monitor.

Another SUV from Ford rounds out the top of the best selling SUV on the market. Also a midsize SUV, the Ford Edge is a peppier, smaller, more luxurious version of the Ford Escape. The Edge has a 3.5 liter V6 engine instead of the Escape’s 3.0 liter. The consumer can expect to pay a little more for the Edge ($27,220 – $38,070), but the new, fully-loaded safety features are worth the extra. Blind spot detection and collision warning are just a couple of examples of the ultra-modern safety elements available in the Edge.

The Chevy Equinox is a luxury SUV at a midsize price. This high-end SUV is reasonably priced, running from $22,615 – $29,970. Like most GM vehicles, the Equinox is OnStar equipped and boasts superior entertainment features. The best part of this vehicle is that the Equinox gets 32 MPG on the highway.

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