Acura SUV

Acura was formed off of its parent company Honda in 1986. Acura has been known for its luxury style vehicles with great features and performance. Consumers immediately liked the Acura SUV brand and its became known for its performance.

Acura was backed by Honda for it reliability and low ownership costs. In th early 1990s Acura struggled a bit and lost some loyal customers. The company quickly acknowledged customers interest in SUV.

Acura had been known for its sports car but in the new millineum changed the pace to include the SUV. In 2001 the MDX debuted. The interest in SUVs has since been on the rise and the ratings and performance level of Acura has made the manufacturers list at the top of the ratings for luxury Acura SUV.


Acura has several models of SUV’s. They range in price from $40,00-$56,000. The Acura MDX is currently rated #1 in luxury mini SUV’s. Starting at the low price range is the Acura RDX available in a 5 speed transmission and all wheel drive.

This vehicle averages 17-24 pmg. Next vehicle up from the RDX in price is the MDX 7 passenger luxery sport utility vehicle. Price range is from $42000-$53000. Closing up the SUV selection for Acura is the model ZDX five passenger completely loaded with choice of three trims this is the elite model of SUV from Acura.

Acura has a reputation for offering top of the line vehicles at affordable pricing. They are an upscale automaker offering luxery and featuring performance. Acura has taken old designs along with new and redesigned automobiles with rugged features yet with a flourish that will suit any lifestyle.

Acura takes extreme measures in redesigning their automobiles. With advanced capability designing and engineer structural design the results are absolutely stunning. Presision manufacturing produces an extreme car with comfort features and sets new standards for design.

It is obvious that Acura is among leaders in the automobile industry. With precision in design, green technology and thousand dollars less than their european competitors.

The reviews of the vehicles from the Acura line go on endlessly. There cannot be enough said for the comfort and luxery that is exibited in each of their vehicles. Safety is an issue that is at the top of the list.

Each vehicle is designed with a full roster of safety. Acura was one of the first to receive top safety picks from the Insurance Institute of highway safety. In 2009 it was the only automobile manufacturer to recieve a 5 star crash safety rating. Safety related accomplishments are a top priority with Acura.

Acura prides itself on product that will with stand technology and will continue to have high resale value. 2009 Acura received the high retail value residual award for overall luxury vehicle. Acura prides itself on greener cars with increased fuel efficiency, lower emissions and extensive pollution control.

Established land marketing operations make leaders in efficient use of natural resources. Acura is constantly stiving for better built automobiles and also a better enviroment.

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