9 Passenger SUV

If you like big cars then you might be a fan of SUV’s. If however your part of the population that needs more than your standard SUV there is always the 9 seat SUV. The 9 seat SUV is a beast of a machine for those who want the passenger room/storage capacity , but not the loss in status/style that a van denotes.

A drawback of these 9 seat SUV’s is the fact that if you need to use all of the seats you lose the extra luggage/supplies room. Another potential drawback is the how the seats are laid out; most 3rd rows in these models require that those passengers hop over the second seat. This can be less desirable for those who aren’t as agile or have passengers of the like.

More popular in the mid 2000’s let’s take a look at some of the options for the 9 seat SUV. Of the 9 seat SUV’s the top of the line seems to be the 2005 Chevrolet Suburban 1500. This machine comes standard with a V8, getting sadly only 14 mpg in the city 17mpg in the highway.

Chevy Suburban

It also comes with the Z71 off road package. If you’re looking for huge this vehicle is just that providing the safety and security that only a vehicle such as this could provide. It has been known to be harder to get in and out of the rear seat. If this is your brand of vehicle it runs about $38,900-41,000 depending on your style of choice.

Looking at another make the Ford excursion is comparable to the aforementioned Chevrolet. Roughly the same price on or around $37,000. Available in 4 or 5 speed transmission this vehicle also comes with a DVD entertainment system.

As far as available engines go it comes in either V8 or V10 running on diesel. Nearly 19 feet long the Excursion is Ford’s largest SUV on the market. Looking at another Chevy the 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe isn’t quite as large as Fords Excursion but still gets the job done for less the price.

At about $35,751 still performs about as well as the excursion. This machine gets 17mpg on the highway but only 14 in the city with. With a 7,700 pound towing capacity it definitely has power behind it. Being smaller than some of its other 9 seat counterparts it has better maneuverability.

The most important thing to keep in mind about choosing to purchase a 9 seat SUV is how much you need. Do you need that much cargo space or similarly do you need that much passenger space? If you answered yes then you definitely have some choices to fit your needs.

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